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Attestation from Embassies/Consulates in India

Countries which are non-member of the Hague Convention generally Attestation or Legalize

Why documents Issued from India needs to be Attested or Legalized from Embassies/Consulates in India?

Certificate Attestation or Legalization from Embassies/Consulates in India is required by every individual who is willing to travel foreign countries for the purpose of Job, Permanent Migration, higher studies, business set up or for other purpose the host country needs to recognize it as a genuine document. All the documents need to be first authenticated or attested from relevant state authorities.

For Example in case of Educational Certificates, document has to be attested from concerned state education department (HRD) first. In case of personal documents, document needs to be attested from concerned home department (HD).

After the state authentication, MEA will attest and then only the required Embassy/Consulate Attestation will be carried out.

Below is the process of attestation of Certificates from Embassy/Consulate in India, it's a chain process.

Personal Certificate Attestation
1. Home Department (Concerned State)
2. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
3. Embassy/Consulate

Educational Certificates Attestation
1. HRD (Human Resource Department) (Concerned State)
2. Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
3. Embassy/Consulate

Attestation from embassies in India can be done by courier/registered post from India and abroad.

List of Countries Embassy Attestation in India

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